Singing Valentines Return to the Gainesville Area



Singing Valentines Return to the Gainesville Area

The popular singing valentines barbershop quartets are back for Valentine’s Day to surprise and serenade sweethearts and loved ones on February 14th.

For over 15 years, foursomes of experienced barbershop singers from the Barbergators Chorus have been delighting valentines throughout the greater Gainesville area with their personality and unique vocal styles.

All across Gainesville these singers always bring smiles, and maybe a tear or two, as they deliver Valentines Day messages their four-part, a cappella harmony with songs like “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “I Love You Truly”. They also deliver a long-stemmed rose and a sweet Valentine’s card to lucky recipients. Sometimes, special deliveries can be made, if planned in advance.

Most often, the singers visit offices, schools, homes, senior residences, and even restaurants, in their tuxedos where they surprise unsuspecting valentines with their talent and showmanship. They love to surprise recipients at work, and have occasionally been an integral part of a romantic dinner, and even a few marriage proposals!

Delivering Singing Valentines is fun for the singers, too. Many of them take the day off work so they can sing from morning to night. Almost universally, singers say the best part about Singing Valentines is the reactions they get from each audience, be it a large group or an audience of one.

“One of my most memorable deliveries was to a teacher in the lunchroom in front of the entire 5th grade,” said Mike Roth, tenor. “The room went from chaos to silence while we sang!”

“We surprised the wife of one of my colleagues at work one year. She couldn’t believe that he’d hired us to sing for her! ...and then, when he stepped around the corner to see her reaction, you should have seen the tears of joy”, said Bill Slayton, bass.

To get a prime reservation, they suggest you order early. Deliveries start at $60 within a two hour window and increase to $75 for a time specific delivery.

The Barbergators take reservations up until February 13th. But for special deliveries, make your reservation a week or two in advance.

To reserve a quartet, call (352) 358-1311or visit the Barbergators Chorus website:

The Barbergators Chorus is a chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society and has been part of the Gainesville community since 1973. The chorus rehearses Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at Grace Presbyterian Church, 3146 NW 13thSt, Gainesville, FL. Singers are always welcome.

Singers of all ages who would like to sing 4-part harmony are invited to visit and join.