Music Team

Dave Jacobs (Musical Director) - Born and raised right here in Gainesville, FL, Dave started singing barbershop at Eastside High School, and discovered the Barbergators as a freshman at the University of Florida.  Dave soon became baritone section leader and Program VP, and moved his way up to co-director and the director while still in his 20’s.  He dropped out for several years to concentrate on family and career, but became active again in 2001 when asked to step in as baritone in Y2KFour, a quartet out of Ocala. He’s been our chorus director since 2005.  He spent several years as District VP of Chorus Director Development, and teaches regularly at District Leadership Academy.  He’s sung in many quartets, including Rough Draft, Home Brew, Y2K Four, and the Phabulous Phlegmtones.

John Dew (Assistant Director, Section Leader) - John is a 2nd generation Barbergators member, as his dad, Don, was an early member of the chorus.  John joined the chorus singing tenor at age 9! John is a tremendous singer and can (and often does) fill in on all four vocal parts, tenor through bass. He’s an avid quartet singer, and is active on the board.  John also sang in Rough Draft and currently, the Phabulous Phlegmtones.

Tyson Adams (Section Leader) - Tyson was an active singer in California before moving to Gainesville several years ago. He joined the chorus in 2012 and has been a leader in the bass section and on the board for many years.  He also dabbles in theatre, both singing and acting. Tyson sang bass in Fourtunate, and currently sings in the Phabulous Phlegmtones.

Andy Hunn (Section Leader) - Andy sings, plays clarinet, and acts, and is always rehearsing and performing.  He joined the chorus in 2007, and is a valuable member of the music team and on the board. He performs regularly in community theater and is always willing to sing in a quartet, including Primary Colors and the Phabulous Phlegmtones.